FAQ Chain Link Fence Packages



Q. So to order my Chain link fence Complete Package Kit I just put my total footage in first line qty, then line posts, corner posts for number of turns I have , 2 gate posts for each gate I buy and the footage (optional) of bottom wire I want, then click add to cart? thats it?! 

A. YES! that all, then just enter your zip code, 2 letters for state, select motor freight and click apply! you now have total cost of your order with shipping!! To place order, just checkout. See examples below for more help.


A. See images above. You can separate and remove the extra chain link Mesh with pliers by opening the top and bottom loops (knuckles) of a single strand of wire at any point of separation. Turn the strand counter clockwise, as it unwinds up through the links until the Mesh comes apart.


Join pieces of chain-link mesh together using a single strand of wire that can be removed from end of your piece. To attach the two pieces, lay them next to each other and insert loose strand through and around the first links of both pieces, turning it clockwise as it starts weaving through both the pieces in a corkscrew style, all the way to the end of the links. Turn and tighten and secure the knuckles at top and bottom same as others. NOTE: Before sections can be attached, a second strand may have to be removed to allow similar ends to be joined together. Observe how the strands flow together in the mesh, its simple.

Q. What information do I need to buy and place the order for chain link Complete System Package?

A. All you need to know is: the height of the fence you want. The total linear(running) footage you need. And the End Posts, Corner Posts and gate Posts you need. Finally if you need any single or double gates. Thats it!

Q. What hardware comes with the complete package?

A. The system package includes Top Rail, Mesh,  All the hardware needed to put up chain link fence is: Loop Caps for Line Posts, Ties. Purchased separately are: Line post, End post, Gate post, and Corner post. These come with Hardware also, that's it. There is no other hardware required. Follow chart above.

Q. Do I need any other Hardware?

A. No, when you purchase the system package, all its hardware is included. So no other hardware is required. You do not need to know the parts list!

Q. Do I need to know what parts I need to buy?

A. No, all hardware will come with the system and the line post, end post, Gate post and Corner posts you buy.
Q. When do I need LINE POST?
A. One every 10ft, this post goes below the top rail.

Q. When do I need END POST?

A. You need end post everytime you are starting or ending your fence.

Q. When do I need CORNER POST?

A. You need a Corner Post everytime you are making a turn in your fence line at any angle. Some very very slight angles can do without a corner post and just turns slightly around a line post.

Q. When do I need GATE POST?

A. You need 2 Gate posts for every gate. Gate post is the same as End Post. It is listed separately on item list so you can keep track of how many you need. When the gate is at the end of a fence line, you dont need the end post, as one of the gate posts also serves as the End post.

See Fence Sample Layout below to figure Corner, End & Gate Posts

Q. Are all the Parts & fittings sizes same as the Pipe size it fits over?

Yes. All chain link fence parts and fittings are listed as the sizes of the pipe and tube they fit over.

Q. What are the standard fence pipe and tube sizes?

The Fence industry in different regions refers to the same outside pipe sizes differently. so,

1.315" outside diameter is same as 1-3/8"

1.660" outside diameter is same as 1-5/8"

1.900" outside diameter issame as 1-7/8" in west coast, 2" in other regions of the country

2.375" outside diameter is also 2-3/8" in west coast, 2-1/2" in other regions of the country.

2.875" outside diameter is same as 2-7/8" in west coast, 3" in other regions of the country.

4.000" is known as 4" everywhere

6.625" is also known as 6-5/8".

Q. How do I measure my Post and Gate frame sizes?

See the pipe size chart the diameter of the pipe is measured as center line from to center of the round diameter, see picture with tape measure. The center line that divides the round circumference of the the pipe is called the diameter measure of pipe.