Black Vinyl Picket Fences Assembly and Installation

BSL 10  4ft x 6ft

Typical Fence Kit Components:
48”, 60”, or 72” Height Kits
Black Vinyl Glue
Pyramid Cap
Ball Cap
Gate Kits:
Pre-Assembled gates; hinge & latch included
Gate Post Stiffeners
Heights: 48”, 60”, or 72”
Width: 50” Walk – 120” Double Drive
- Rails
- Galvanized Stiffener
- Pickets
- Picket Tops
- 1" Black Set Screws
- Instructions
Post Kit Components:
3” x 3” Vinyl Post
4” x 4” Vinyl Post
Tools Needed for Installation:
Hack saw, level, file, drill, square head bit, tape measure, & post hole digger.
A. Preparation:
1. Keep Rails and Pickets in box until you
are ready to install.
2. Where the fence is near a property line
the property corner pins shall be
exposed or the corner otherwise
established. The fence shall be
constructed on the property of the
project owner.
3. The installer shall carefully lay the fence
alignment out on the ground and exactly
establish each post location.
4. The fence post spacing shall be equal
to or less then the panel spacing of the
supplied fence products. The spacing
shall follow the slope of the ground.
5. The standard post spacing for
BLACK Vinyl Products is 72” (or 6’0”) or
96” (or 8’-0”), see shop drawings for
exact post spacing. Where a shorter
panel section is required the installer
shall cut the horizontal rails. The
installer should determine the required
post spacing and should cut the rails as
B. Post Installation & Bottom Rail:
1. Post holes may be drilled with an auger
or may be hand dug. Post holes shall
have a minimum diameter of 8-10
inches. The bottom of the post holes
shall be 24” to 36” below finished grade.
Check code requirement for frost depth.
2. Insert galvanized steel insert into bottom
rail with the ‘u’ shape facing upward
towards the open holes in rail.
3. The bottom rail is usually installed 2”
above ground level.
4. Set first post in concrete.
5. Post shall be leveled and plumbed.
6. See shop drawing for post spacing, dig
hole for the 2nd post.
7. Slide bottom rail into routed hole of the
post. Be sure that the notching tabs are
secured into the post.
8. Install concrete in 2nd post hole. Set
post into concrete, be sure that bottom
rail is installed in the routed hole and
notching tabs are secured into the post.
9. Repeat this procedure for all sections.
D. Top Rail Installation for Closed Picket
1. Proceed to (E) Top Rail Installation.
followed by (G) Picket Installation.
E. Middle & Top Rail Installation:
1. Rails with routed holes on opposite
sides, will have smaller hole on top
and larger (to allow racking the fence
on less than level ground) hole on the
bottom. Slide rails into routed holes of
the post. Be sure that the notching
tabs are secured into the post.
F. Picket Installation:
1. Begin inserting the pickets thru the
routed holes of the top/middle rail (if
closed Picket Design, enter pickets
into the routed holes of the bottom
2. Proceed by inserting them into the
bottom rail, Be sure that the notched
tabs are secured into the bottom rail.
G. Set screws for top/middle rail.
1. Level middle and top rails. Use self
tapping set screws to secure middle
rail to pickets.
2. See shop drawings for exact
placement of set screws.
H. Post and Picket Caps:
1. Attach the post/picket caps to all
pickets using pvc glue.
I. Gate:
1. Set gate post opening 3” wider then
gate frame.
J. Care and Maintenance:
1. To avoid damage to the vinyl fence
before installation, you should
keep the fence in the box until
ready for installation. Do not lean
product up against a house or
structure for any period of time.
Keep all the products in box laying
flat and not on hot concrete, metal,
or asphalt.
2. If the vinyl fence gets dirty over
time, a simple wash with a garden
hose will do wonders in cleaning it.
If this does not do a satisfactory job
proceed with the following steps.
3. If dirt is hard to remove, mix a
solution of 1/3 cup of powder
detergent (such as Tide ®, Fab ®,
or equivalent) with 2/3 cup of
household cleaner (Soilax ®, Spic
& Span ®, or equivalent). Mix this
with 1 gallon of water and wipe
down surface with this solution.